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British rubbish exported to produce sustainable energy abroad

The Danes are getting cosy with British rubbish, as Danish incinerators burn thousands of tonnes of waste imported from British landfills in order to provide cheaper energy to homes.

The action solves British landfill issues, while providing thousands of homes with affordable heating and electricity. And it appears to be a fast growing trend, with one incinerator plant in the northern town of Frederikshavn doubling its exports over the past year.

In Sweden, rubbish from the UK and other European countries helps waste-to-energy plants to provide about 950,000 homes with heating and 260,000 with electricity, according to a report by the Huffington Post.

The heat produced from burning the non-toxic waste is cheaper than using natural gas and far more sustainable. Most of the refuse, which includes wood, cardboard and plastic, comes from construction sites across the UK.

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