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  • Cleaning heating systems to remove all sludge and corrosion deposits that cause water circulation problems

  • Very effective in pre-commission of new heating systems to remove excess flux and other debris

  • Important to power flush before fitting a new boiler



      Central heating new installations

  • Help in installing the most effective and efficient system for your home and needs

  • We visit your home and carry out a full survey to ensure we recommend the best possible system for your home and budget

  • Only install the most energy efficient A-rated boilers



     Boiler installations, Brighton

  • If your boiler is over 10 years old, this is the service for you as you will save money the minute a new one is installed

  • We specialise in installing Valliant condensing boilers - one of Europe's most respected brands

  • Valliant boilers are A-rated, high efficiency boilers that convert 90% of their fuel into heat (compared to just 55% for some old boilers)



     Flue gas analysis

  • Flue gas analysis involves the use of a special analyser that tests for dangerous build ups of carbon monoxide within an applicance

  • Flue gas analysis is a vital part of your boiler's annual health check - upon completition you will receive a print-out of the results



     Underfloor heating

  • More even temperature throughout the room

  • No radiators, giving up to 15% more useable space in your rooms

  • More energy efficient and lower running costs

  • Quieter operation




























Power flushing for lower heating bills

      Boiler repairs, Brighton & Hove

  • We carry a wide range of spare parts and specialise in the repair of all major makes of boiler

  • We are known for excellence of service

  • A solution for all boiler problems





    Gas pipework and meter relocations

  • We are Gas Safe registered

  • Qualified to undertake all gas pipework including relocation of gas meters

  • Always ensure your pipework is regularly checked and tested for leaks by a Gas Safe engineer

  • Experts in fitting all types of pipework, including copper, steel and plastic                           




 ​     Gas Saftey checks

  • Check appliances on the right setting

  • Harmful gases are removed from the appliance safely into the outside air

  • All ventilation routes are clear

  • All safety devices are working






    New radiator and radiator valve replacement

  • Modern, efficient radiators can transform your home, adding warmth and comfort to every room

  • We advise on the most efficient and effective radiators for your home

  • Correctly sized radiators will ensure your boiler is not overworked




      Vented and unvented hot water systems

  • We are qualified to install and maintain all types of hot water systems both vented and unvented

  • We are happy to advise you on the best choice of hot water system for your home and budget







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